Saturday, May 1st, 2021

Viewing the Race

Our out-and-back style course offers ample opportunities for friends, fans, and family to see the runners along the course.

The start and finish areas are located in Harbor Park, near the corner of 1st Ave and 54th Street, in front of the Kenosha Public Museum.

Some of the most ideal, easily accessible, on-course viewing locations will be 54th Street and 6th Ave (Mile 1, 7.5, and 12.5), 75th Street and 7th Ave (Mile 2), 44th Street and Kennedy Drive (Mile 8 and 12), 1st Ave Street and 108th Street (Mile 20).


You can track your runner by looking up when they crossed some of the timing mats along the course by entering their name or bib number at this link- Link for 2020 runner tracking will be posted here closer to race morning. 

Community Info:

A course map with timelines of street closures can be found HERE. This map will have info on the times each section of the course will have runners on them so you can avoid using the streets at those times.

How do I watch the race?

Different people watch races in different ways, but here are some handy tips for getting around the course and seeing different parts of the race.

Tip 1: Downtown

You can see your runner pass by a couple times by standing in the middle of downtown Kenosha. From the start area, walk west on 54th and wait near 6th. From there, you can see your runner pass by at the start of the race, just after mile 7, and just before mile 13. 

Tip 2: North side

The north side of the course covers mile 7 thru 13. If you want to venture outside of the downtown area, you can drive or bike up to Alford Park Drive, and see them run near miles 9 and 10. Driving: Take Sheridan Rd north to 35th and made a right. You can park on 35th Ave and then walk east to 7th, where the runners will be running north and south. If you are able to cross the route, there is a bike path there that will take you all the way to the northern turnaround point. Cyclists can take 8th Street north and then cut over to 7th using 38th Street then head north to avoid the course and busier roads. 

Tip 3: South side/ Pleasant Prairie

Th south side of the course is mostly for the marathon runners (except for miles 2-5) and is also a little trickier to get to for spectators. If you are driving, you should take Sheridan Rd south from downtown Kenosha. The easiest access to the south end is to take Sheridan to 116th and turn left. From there, make a left onto 4th, a slight right onto 115th, and a left onto 3rd. You can take 3rd all the way to 110th and park near that intersection. Walk east on 110th and the southern turnaround point is at 110th and Lakeshore Drive. Cyclists that would like to head to the south end can take 14th Ave south. You can take 14th Ave south until 87th, where the street will end and you can continue south on 17th. 17th ends at 91st and you can make a left and follow 91st to 7th to 90th. Make a right onto 90th and at 90th and 3rd, you’ll be able to see runners near mile 17 and 22. If you would like to see runners at other points, you can cross 3rd and head north or south via Lakeshore Drive. It is NOT recommended that cyclists utilize Sheridan nor is it recommended that cars utilize 90th.