Saturday, May 1st, 2021

Course Description

The Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5k start on Ring Road near downtown Kenosha, next the Kenosha Civil War Museum and Harbor Park. Runners will run thru Harbor Park and towards the downtown area. After a quick run thru downtown, the course will head south through residential neighborhoods, towards Pleasant Prairie, running a quick loop and then returning north to downtown Kenosha. The course will continue into Simmons Island Park, run along the lakefront, and head north towards Carthage College before turning around and returning back to the downtown area. The half marathoners will head straight back to Harbor Park for the finish, while the marathoners will jut onto the lakefront path for a quick run around the park before continuing south into the Pleasant Prairie. While in Pleasant Prairie, runners will wind through the residential neighborhoods past several, unique beachfront houses before turning around and heading back north. The final couple of miles will take runners back to Harbor Park, with a stunning final sprint along Lake Michigan’s coastline.

The course will have volunteers, course marshals, and members of the Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie Police Departments, as well as some directional arrows to help guide runners through the race route. Be sure to pay attention to any course signs, especially where the distances split.

Marathon course map- Online version 1 

Half Marathon course map- Online version 1 

5k course map- Online version 1 

Printable version of course map PDF

The Wisconsin Marathon is a USATF Certified and Sanctioned Race and a Boston Qualifier. (USATF number WI17013WR.)


Course maps are not exact and subject to change.

These course have been measured to USATF certifications and are USATF Certified courses. Please note that your GPS device will probably show final distances different than 26.2 and 13.1 miles. USATF certification measures along tangents and measures the shortest possible distance for the course. When you are running a race, your GPS device is only accurate to a certain point and will also add distance when you take wide turns, go around other runners, stop inside a port-a-potty, etc.


Rules: All Marathoners must be able to complete the course in 6.5 hours. Half Marathoners must be able to keep this same pace (roughly 14:50 per mile). Roads will be reopened after this point and remaining runners will be moved to the sidewalk.

Please note that on the marathon course, there are some short, gravel road sections between miles 17 and 22 that may not be ideal for barefoot runners.

Aid Stations:

There will be aid stations stocked with water, Gatorade, and port-a-potties roughly every two miles.

Aid stations will be located near the following mile marks:
Mile 1.5
Mile 2.5
Mile 4.7
Mile 6.2
Mile 8.0
Mile 10.0
Mile 12.0
Mile 14.2
Mile 16.0
Mile 17.5
Mile 19.3 (ClifShot will be provided at this aid station)
Mile 20.8
Mile 22.5
Mile 24.0
Mile 25.5

Runners that need medical attention can stop at Aid Stations for help. Ambulances will be on the course as well as trained medical professionals. Aid station volunteers will also be able to relay information to runners in case of an emergency.

Course Records:

Marathon (Male): 2:29:34, 2009, James Akita, Elmhurst, IL
Marathon (Female): 2:57:57, 2012, Karrie Hamstra-Wright, Chicago, IL

Half Marathon (Male): 1:10:02, 2019, Elias Rutto, Sun Prairie, WI
Half Marathon (Female): 1:19:01, 2015, Jessica Monson, Burlington, WI

5k (Male): 18:06, 2016, Colby Schulz, Chicago, IL
5k (Female): 19:25, 2015, Leslie Patterson, Greenfield, WI


We will have on course entertainment in a couple of spots along the route plus music at the finish line. 

Are you in a band and would like to showcase your talent? The Wisconsin Marathon is seeking energetic and reliable musical acts of all genres to entertain our runners on the course.

For more information, contact Jonathan Cain at