Saturday, May 4th, 2024

Community Info

Our runners love running through the streets of Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie and keep coming back year after year because of the community feel and community support that our race has.

We do realize that not everyone in town is interested in the race and, if you aren’t, that doesn’t mean your whole morning should be interrupted by the event.

To help you get through town a little easier on race day, please see the map below with includes timelines of when runners will be on area roads/ when the streets will be closed off. This should help you plan your morning and adjust your arrival/ departure times as needed. There will be police and course marshals along the course to get you get through the intersections and will allow traffic to flow through when it is safe for both runners and drivers to do so. We thank you again for your cooperation, understanding, and help as we welcome 1,700 runners from all over the US and the world to Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie!

Link to course map with road closure timelines

*When looking at the above map, to see when different streets will be closed off, find the letter that starts and ends each section, and look for the closure time that corresponds to that letter. 


Closure timeline:

See map above for information on when streets will be closed. 

Best spots to get through the city:

Heading North/South: 5th Ave, Sheridan Rd.

Heading East/ West: 55th Street, 59th Street, 75th Street