Saturday, May 7th, 2022

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Running in Costume

Halloween is right around the corner … which means costumes! Why would anyone run in costume, you might ask? Well, it seems there are a myriad of reasons.
  1. You will garner lots of attention, which is especially helpful if you’re running for charity.
  2. You’ll have plenty of photos taken to archive your day. (A few years ago, while standing at the finish line, one of the photographers mentioned that she was drawn to the folks in costume!).
  3. You may have a chance at breaking a Guinness World Record. Yep, that’s right. Didn’t you always want that World Record in something as a kid? Here’s your chance. You can see some of the existing records here:
  4. It’s fun! We have a number of runners complete our race in costume each year and they spread joy throughout the city!
If you do choose to don a disguise, you’ll want to make sure you consider a few things before attempting 26.2 or 13.1 in costume.
  1. You’ll want to take a few practice runs. A few years back, I ran a half marathon as Bat Girl. The outfit itself was conducive to running. The cape wasn’t really an issue; the problem I had was with the plastic mask. I didn’t think much of it since it was so light, but it started to rub on my upper cheek at one point and I ended up with a little mark for about a week after that race.
  2. Be sure to adjust your water intake. You may need a little extra hydration if you’re wearing an extra layer or adding extra weight.
  3. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment – a PR may not be in the cards for you if you’re wearing a giraffe costume!
  4. Smile and have fun! Soak in all of the extra attention and cheers on the course!

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