Saturday, May 1st, 2021


When is the race?
The marathon, half marathon, and 5k will start at 7:00am on Saturday, May 2, 2020.

Where is Kenosha?
Kenosha is located on the Wisconsin/ Illinois border, on Lake Michigan. It is roughly a one hour drive from northern Chicago and a 50 minute drive from Milwaukee.

What does it cost to race?
You can find prices for all three races HERE. Please note that the prices go up as we get closer to race day, so sign-up early

Can I switch my race distance?
Yes, you can switch any time before you pick up your packet. Email Jonathan for details

Can I walk the marathon or half marathon?
Yes, but please be aware that the streets will only be closed off to accommodate those running 15 minute pace or faster. If you end up going slower than that pace, you may be moved to the sidewalks. Our course time limit for the full marathon is 6.5 hours, and if you are doing the half, you’ll need to be on pace for 3 hours and 20 minutes. We are on a schedule with the police, city, and our volunteers and will open up streets/ close down aid stations according to this schedule.

Where/ when do I pick up my race packet?
We have four packet pick-up times and locations for 2020: Chicagoland, the Milwaukee area, and in Kenosha. Back again, we also have RACE DAY PACKET PICK-UP at the race site.  See our PACKET PICK-UP page for exact times. Please note that you MUST pick-up you packet at one of these times or select the option to have it mailed out to you when you register.

You do not need to let us know ahead of time where you plan on picking up your packet. We will have all the packets at each location.

You may have a friend or family member pick up your packet for you. They will need a copy of your confirmation email to get your packet. Please note, if you are picking up your packet on race day, there will be a lot of other people that will be doing that as well, so please be sure to get there at least an hour before the race to avoid any lines. 

Can I have a friend pick up my race packet?
Yes! Save gas and make someone else go. Anyone can pick up your packet. All they need is your name and a copy of your confirmation email.

Can I qualify for the Boston Marathon by running in your race?
Yes! We are a USATF certified event, and therefore meets all the requirements to be a Boston Qualifier. (Our flat course is sure to help you reach your goal time.)

What about parking?
There is plenty of parking around downtown Kenosha on the streets and in lots. Maps will be available at packet pick-up. CLICK HERE for more details on parking.

What is the course like?
Past participants have called our course one of the most beautiful they have ever run. Most of the course runs along Lake Michigan’s lakefront, and the path will take you through downtown Kenosha, area parks and beaches, and residential areas. We cap everything off with a stunning finish along Lake Michigan.

Is the course closed?
Technically yes, we have police and course marshals all over the course to keep it car free and keep everyone safe. However, please note that our course does go through some residential neighborhoods, and try as we might, it is impossible to keep everyone from just pulling out of their driveways. We alert all residents well ahead of time, but please be alert, just in case.

I’ve heard there are gravel roads on the course.
Yes, that is true. If you are running the full marathon, there are a couple of patches of road between miles 17 and 22 that are gravel. The total amount you’ll run on the gravel roads is a little over two miles, but not all at the same time. The gravel roads are well pounded down, not loose like a dirt road.

Where will the aid stations be located?
We will have aid stations roughly every two miles. Each station will have water, Gatorade, port-a-potties, medical staff, and the best volunteers in the Midwest! There will also be a Clif Shot station near Mile 19.3.

There are also several trash cans near the aid stations. Please use them! We would like to keep the city clean and the residents appreciate it as well.

What is the All Cheese Corral?
This is a start area for anyone willing to don the dairy that makes Wisconsin famous. There is no time requirement or pre-registration required. If you would like to participate, all you have to do is arrive on race morning wearing some kind of cheese-themed apparel.

Will there be any course changes this year?
No, we are using the same courses as 2019 so you still get great views of the lake and of Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie.

Will there be any on-course entertainment?
Yes, some.… CLICK HERE for more details.

Do you have Pace Teams for the full or half?
No, we do not have pace teams for either distance. We believe that a marathon is something YOU need to accomplish and it takes away from that glory if you are just following behind someone. Plus, we have some of the most awesome runners in the world come to our race and we are sure that you will easily make a new friend or two along the way to help get you going.

Can I wear headphones while I run?
Yes, participants are allowed to wear headphones, but it is recommended that you keep the volume level low in order to hear any instructions by race officials or anything else that may be happening around you.

What is the post race party all about?
Our post-race event is open to all! Runners, spectators, family, friends, and community members are invited to stick around and enjoy the thrill of the finish line and plenty of music. All runners will receive a complimentary beer and brat, because, let’s face it, they deserve it.

Do the marathon and half marathon runners get the same medal?
Yes and no. As in 2019, we will have the same medals for the full marathon runners and the half marathon runners, but there will be different RIBBONS for each race.

The medals all say “Marathon and Half Marathon” on them. The ribbons have one or the other. The ribbons are color coordinated to match your race bib, so when you finish and get your medal, be sure you are getting the right one. That should make it easier for the volunteers and for you to see if you need a correction while you are in your post-race haze.

Are showers available after the race?
Yes, showers will be available at the Kenosha YMCA after the race. The Y is located at 7101 53rd Street in Kenosha. The team locker rooms are available, so please note that they are not individual stalls. Runners will need to show their race bib for entry and will need to provide their own towel.

What if I got hurt and can’t run the race this year?
If you registered for the race and are unable to run, email Jonathan at and let him know. If you email before April 29th, you will receive a $20 coupon in the mail for the 2021 race (mailed out in early June). There are no refunds or bib transfers. No exceptions. You can still get your teeshirt and goodie bag if you cancel.

Do you have a Gear Check?
Yes, our Gear Check area is located in Celebration Park, near the start and finish lines. Look for the big flag. Take the GEAR CHECK tag off of your race bib and attach it to your gear bag. Please plan on dropping off your stuff early, as the lines get longer the closer it gets to the start of the race.

What time should I arrive in the morning?
A good rule of thumb, especially if this is your first time at the race, is to arrive about an hour early. This will give you plenty of time to find parking, walk to the race site, stretch, warm-up, use the port-a-potties, take a picture, check your gear, and get to the start line.

Are you all crazy?
Nope, we’re just cheesy!